Aberdeen Model Boat Club

The Committee has met today Sunday 4th July for a Committee Meeting

The Committee has deliberated and decided on a course of action for the club with the main points listed below for all to see ..

  1. The Club will remain closed until at the earliest 6th March 2022, this goes without saying trying times with covid and safety, and an already climbing amount of cases again.

  2. The Committee will make every effort to have one of us present each Sunday morning between the hours of 9am-12noon weather permitting in case anyone needs in to get their boat in/out of the club house.

  3. If someone requires into the club house then it will be on a single person basis in to the club house escorted of course by a committee member since we have the keys.

  4. At NO time will their ever be more than a single person allowed into the club house.

  5. These 5 points made here today are without question and made with full consent of

Ron, Bill & Richard

The Committee

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